Tuesday, April 8, 2014

KBD Punk Rock Songs About Serial Killers

BobSeger1981 wrote:
"The Child Molesters - (I'm the) Hillside Strangler
(Ace & Duce - 1978)

While two other L.A. punk bands (the Hollywood Squares and F-Word) also
seized on the murders for lyrical fodder in 1978, no one packaged the
carnage quite like the Child Molesters. For all intents and purposes,
this record is a how-to guide on making a classic punk collectible.
Combine minimal/non-existent production values with over-the-top band
name/subject matter. Press a couple hundred. Whip up a super-limited
printed/stamped/splattered/numbered pic sleeve to accompany the vinyl.
Age 20 years. Add a couple zeros to original retail price. Watch the
collector nerds sweat."

Read about the Killed By Death punk rock compilation albums here and here.

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