Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Infectious world of Louie Louie

Uploaded by John1948SevenE
What would be more insping for a young guitar/instrument playing  musician/hoodlum than learn the magic three chords...nuthin' my friends nuthin realize that you can do almost anything what you want...Well, The Kingsmen made it big with this ultimate rockin' and rollin hit doubt about that, but hey let's salute the three very true originators/pioneers of the song like Mr. Richard Berry who wrote it in the first place etc...check this vid out and learn it chillun, the mystery of ancient arts.

And of course we must all remember the Tacoma, Washington fellows who gave the song that great nasty extra punch 1965 and took the song into real new dimensions...

...and the crazy Pittsburgh guys who turned The Sonics version into total utter punk rock almost a decade before Ramones, The Pistols & co in 1966.

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