Friday, September 19, 2014

The Micragirls - Electric Chair Twist (2009)

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I (your humble servant) co-wrote this tune with Finnish garage rock group The Micragirls some 5 + years ago. Check out this cool & excellent low budget video they made with their buddies.

Directed/Script: The Micragirls, Sami Vähä-Aho
Cinematography: Sami Vähä-Aho, Petteri Tikkanen, Kristiina Haapalainen
Edit: Sami Vähä-Aho, Kristiina Haapalainen
Music: Jug Heister and The Micragirls
Twisters: Arttu Hasu, Emma Savolainen, Milla Bouquerel, Sami Vähä-Aho
Executioner: Black Peider

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