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Cosmic Psychos (blokes you can trust) 2013 documentary

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30 years and a million beers with Australia’s most unlikely rock and roll heroes.

30 years, the Cosmic Psychos have blazed a trail of empty beer cans and
busted ear drums around the globe with their quintessential Australian
drawl and pounding punk rock songs.

Fronted by Ross Knight,
BLOKES YOU CAN TRUST tracks the band’s adventures along the rock and
roll highway, from downtown Kyneton in rural Victoria, into some of New
York’s finest S & M parlours and the Seattle grunge scene where they
were highly influential. Nirvana were Psychos fans…they even played
shows with Pearl Jam. But perhaps their biggest reputation was their
ability to drink pubs dry, with word quickly spreading as a warning to
other touring bands – “Never drink with the Psychos!”
appearances (and party tricks) by Eddie Vedder, Mudhoney, The Melvins,
Butch Vig, Hard-Ons, L7 (to name but a few), this doco is a full frontal
assault on the senses. Loud, rugged and entertaining Blokes You can
Trust shows all of the Psychos’ highs and lows; riches and rip offs;
line up changes and loss.

As well as the colourful journey of a
band, BLOKES YOU CAN TRUST reveals the personal story of founding member
and frontman Ross Knight – musician, world champion
the farmer with a bulldozer fetish and dedicated father. This is an
extraordinary tale of Australia’s most unique cultural ambassadors, who
sing about dead kangaroos, pubs and schnitzels. It’s a tribute to a
country lad, a family man, still rocking and rolling, when most have
retired to the couch.

“Here’s 3 ugly lookin’ blokes, tourin’ the
world, playing at all these wonderful cities, dining at all these
wonderful restaurants, meeting all these famous people. In the back of
ya head I’m thinking to myself ‘I’m a f***in’ farmer!’”

For 30 years, the Cosmic Psychos have blazed a trail of empty beer cans
and busted ear drums around the globe with their quintessential
Australian drawl and pounding punk rock songs. With the founding member
Ross Knight finding inspiration from the Bulldozer he drove on the
family farm in country Victoria, the band forged a unique sound and
image that resonated with punk rock fans everywhere. Iconic label Sup
Pop! released their second album when the band fell into the 'Seattle'
scene of the late 80's amidst the likes of Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and The
Melvins. Never quite finding the mainstream success of their grunge
counterparts, the band managed to tour heavily in the USA and Europe
thanks to a large and devoted fan base. The Cosmic Psychos were
notorious for their ability to drink pubs dry, earning them a reputation
that resonated around as a warning - "Never drink with the 'Psychos".
But it wasn't all shits and giggles. A heavy falling out with drummer
and founding member Bill Walsh resulted in a line-up change and a bitter
dedication on their new album with the song 'Kill Bill'. They've been
ripped off by several record labels, and dealt with the tragedy of the
passing of guitarist Robbie Watts in 2006. But the band continues
through all its adversity to remain strong to this day with Dean Muller
on drums and John 'Mad Macca' McKeering from the Onya's taking care of
the guitar duties. COSMIC PSYCHOS : BLOKES YOU CAN TRUST follows the
bands colorful history, as well as the enigmatic and entertaining
founding member Ross Knight, to get behind the man who rides the
bulldozer. Farmer, Father, Weightlifter, and frontman. His story alone,
and told from his perspective is a unique portrait of an unlikely and
revered rock and roll bloke.
- Written by Matt Weston

Cosmic Psychos

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