Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Washington Phillips - I Am Born To Preach The Gospel (late 1920´s)

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Ok, I watched the film My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done. In my opinion this song was the true high light of the movie. Great Gospel Blues by Texan Washington Phillips. Apparently his instrument was entirely homemade. It looks and sounds little bit like traditional old Finnish folk instrument called Kantele but it isn't.

I am born to preach the gospel
I am born to preach the gospel
I am born to preach the gospel
And I sure do love my job

I have never been to no college
And I didn't get a chance in school
But when Jesus Christ annointed me to preach the gospel
He sure didn't leave me no fool, oh yes

Well, we have a lots of educated preachers
That's fixed up in the head
And got their hearts unfixed with God
And walkin' around buried to death, oh yes

Well, you take old Nicodemus
Well, they made him as a ruler to rule
But he went the night to meet Jesus
And he found himself an educated fool, oh yes

Oh, preachers ought to stand together
But you see yourself they have fled
Now, all the Churches is a-needin' right now
Is a rage and a wrathful pit

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