Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Psychotic 60's Garage Rockabilly pt.3 - Kookie Cook

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There's seven songs on Midnite Sound of the Milky Way record. Get it.

However, the true star of "The Midnite Sound Of The Milky Way" is one Kookie Cook, second only to Dean Carter as a rock screamer of no small dementia. Kookie was a drummer and played in local bands with Carter and Miller, before cutting a bizarre version of Roy Orbison's Sun-era rocker Ooby Dooby in late 1965. The following year he returned to Midnite Sound to lay down a batch of self-penned material brimming with feverish excitement and reckless abandon, every song punctuated by thumping drums, piercing guitar and tortured screams. One listen to stupendous selections like Workin' Man, Misery and the bloodcurdling Revenge should make a gibbering convert of any non-believer.

Full liner notes from Eric Welsch of the Cobras and Arlie Miller himself detail the story of this odd and captivating chapter in garage rock history. For fans of both 1960s punk and over-the-top vintage rock.

By Alec Palao

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