Wednesday, March 19, 2014

22 Pistepirkko - Kings of Hong Kong (1987)

22 Pistepirkko hail from Utajärvi, Finland. Two brothers and their friend have played together since year 1980. They released their second album Kings of Hong Kong in september 1987. It's a great record heavily influenced by 60's garage rock/pop, little bit of psychedelia, old country and rhythm 'n' blues plus there's lots of pounding Bo Diddleyish beats going on, but that ain't all...There were many so called "neo garage" bands all over the world in the 1980's but 22 Pistepirkko were not an retro act. Own material and unique sounds really make the difference and their early stuff has lasted through the years. They have released numerous albums and are still going on strong doing gigs and recording. You can listen the whole album here:

Espe: Drums, Guitar, Vocals
P-K: Guitar, Vocals
Asko: Organ, Bass, Backingvocals

Riku Mattila: Bass, Guitar, Mats Hulden: Bass (on 5) Antti Marja-Aho: Violin

music/words by 22-Pistepirkko: Haverinen, E; Keränen, Asko; Keränen, Hannu
Produced by: Riku Mattila and 22-Pistepirkko 


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