Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jormas - The Locomotion (1965)

Jormas was a Finnish beat rock/pop band who recorded their material both in English and in Finnish. They had previously appeared as the Beatmakers, but were renamed by their manager Jorma Weneskoski. Their greatest hits in Finland were "Saat miehen kyyneliin" (originally "To Make a Big Man Cry"), "Taivas vain tietää" ("God Only Knows") ja "Rööperiin" ("Penny Lane"). This version of The Locomotion was released in November 1965. 7", His Master's Voice #TJ-325. Original performed by Teddy Randazzo & The Ivy League. Written by Bill Barberis, Teddy Randazzo & Robert Weinstein. Fast, pounding 60's beat r'n'b!

Raul Wikström: vocals
Pertti "Pepe" Willberg: vocals, guitar
Seppo Keurulainen: vocals, guitar
Kaj Wallin: bass
Kurt "Kurre" Mattson: drums

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