Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wavy Gravy vols 1 & 2

One of the most influential and legendary compilation albums among all those multiple fifties and sixties garage trash, surf, blues, country, doo wop, rock'n'roll, lounge etc. etc. comps is the Wavy Gravy two vinyl album set. These comps are still one of the kind. Really great inspiration for us and many, many others. Buy the vinyls or cd's if you can and support those blessed loonies who brought us the forgotten mastery of ancient arts. Yeah, I know that we do live the most wonderful times o' pilgrims 'cause everything is available nowadays, but remember before you click that button that some dudes spent whole lotta time and money to compile all this stuff for us to listen. Hee hee hee, now I am finally ranting.

Lo and behold! You can download Wavy Gravy volumes here (and plenty other cool bootleg comps): at SURFADELIC
Go there and click the word DIG! To get the yummies. If you dig what I dig...

Wavy Gravy volume one

Wavy Gravy volume two - Four Hairy Policemen

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