Monday, March 17, 2014

Many sides of Farmer John - Antti "Andy" Einiö, Hep Stars, Premiers, Don & Dewey, Tidal Waves

Pioneer of Finnish rock 'n' roll Antti "Andy" Einiö made this version and arrangement of
Don & Deweys original in 1964. The Islanders were Pertti "Pepe" Willberg: lead guitar, Stig Selin: guitar, Kaj Wallin: bass, Erkki Tanninen: drums. Andy was working for the Nor Disc
records by the time and Swedish band The Hep Stars heard his single and made their own version of the song which became a hit in Scandinavia.


Don & Dewey's original recording 1959. Read their bio here


The Premiers 1964
The Premiers were part of 1960's booming East Los Angeles sound. The band was formed in 1962 in San Gabriel, California, by brothers Lawrence Perez (guitar) and John Perez (drums), and neighbours George Delgado (guitar) and Frank Zuniga (bass). Although claimed to have been recorded "live at the Rhythm Room in Fullerton, California", it was actually recorded in a small studio in Hollywood, with overdubbed party noises provided by girls of the Chevelles car club invited to the studio. The vocals were performed by John Perez and George Delgado singing in unison.
the single rose to #19 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in summer 1964. 


The Tidal Waves 1966
"R Wearing wrote: Tom Wearing-drums/vocals, Jonny Wearing-vocals,Vic Witkowski-guitar, Marc Karpinski-guitar, Rob Slap-bass guitar from Roseville, Michigan. Recorded at United Sound Tom,Vic and Marc were 12th graders at Roseville High School. Jon and Rob were 9th graders at Burton Jr High in Roseville. Farmer John was relased in May -66. Farmer John sold over 50,000 copies in June 66. Not bad for 5 kids from Roseville."

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