Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eddie Noack

"Eddie Noack, a singer & a songwriter, originally from Houston, Texas, who recorded for the Starday record label. He wanted to be a journalist. But we have enough journalists, but not enough people who could sing & write like Eddie Noack. Eddie recorded the song called "Psycho," written by Leon Payne, a song about a serial killer &, quite understandably, it never got a lot of airplay, but has become quite a bit of a cult favorite, as is Eddie Noack himself..." - Bob Dylan on Eddie Noack, Theme Time Radio Hour, "Luck." Originally broadcast January 24, 2007

via Wired For Sound

Not very long ago it was hard to find a decent Eddie Noack compilation album but nowadays there are at least two fine albums full of Eddie Noack's great country music.

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